Vortrag – Neue Wege zur Schaffung inklusiver Räume: Integration der urbanisierten Natur in die nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung

Donnerstag 17:00

Vortrag mit Dr. Mais Jafari und Dipl.-Ing. chem. Rolf Morgenstern

The impact of climate change on human health, the built environment, and economic development is a topic of great concern today. Demographic growth and increasing fossil fuel consumption, as well as human activities and cultural behaviors, have contributed to climate change and its impacts, which go far beyond a rise in temperature and affect water, air, energy, transportation, ecosystems, human health, and social equity.
In my presentation, I will address why greening cities is important and the value it has, especially in post-industrial regions. I will also explain how international and national policies are addressing climate change and how urban planning is contributing to creating green spaces that are co-designed and co-maintained with their local communities. New innovative approaches to co-creating Nature Based Solutions in proGIreg project will be presented.

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